New Laws For ‘Unsocial Driving’

How many times have you cursed while following a driver hogging the middle or outside lane of a motorway? Alternatively, how many times have you looked into your mirror and focussed on a blur of metal as an impatient driver tailgates you before you have the chance to move back into the inside lane?

Thankfully, in theory at least, from today things might begin to change.

The Transport Minister is planning a crackdown on those he describes as antisocial drivers.

In the past, prosecutions have been costly and time consuming to process. However, following today’s announcement, police traffic officers are to be given the power to issue roadside fines of £100, and up to three penalty points, to anyone they consider is in breach of the Highway Code.

If you have been ‘tailgating’ or ‘lane hogging’ for a distance of more that half a mile, you are very likely to become a candidate for their attention.

Edmund King of the AA said that such offenders had been voted as the most hated types of drivers in a recent poll.

Stephen Glaister of the RAC Foundation said:

”Anti-social behaviour is as big a problem on the roads as it is in wider society”


”Giving police more discretion to act, and freeing up resources to allow them to do so by cutting procedural delays in court, is good news.”

He did however point out that the threat of fines alone would not solve the problem; tougher enforcement of the new law is also needed.

Fines for other traffic offences like using your mobile while driving, failure to wear a seatbelt and ignoring traffic lights, are also set to increase from £60 to £100

But……do bad habits ever really die?


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