Pointless Points?


Information released in response to a Freedom of Information request by the Institute of Advanced Motorists has unearthed five drivers who individually have gained more than 37 points on their licences.

It is generally regarded that an individual who has accrued a total of 12 points, within a period of three years, will be disqualified from driving for a given period by a court. However, a judge is able to show leniency if it’s considered a ban will cause “exceptional hardship” to the individual.

So far so good.

Within the cases revealed, one driver had accrued a staggering 51 points, after being caught several times breaking the 30 mph limit and refusing to supply his driver details, while another held points for several speeding offences including one incident where he had been clocked at 109mph. He had also refused to supply his driver details.

Both of these drivers had claimed they would suffer “exceptional hardship” if they were disqualified from driving.

While it’s a good thing there is some leeway regarding an individual’s circumstances, surely there should also be consistency in the application of the law? After all, there will always be those who will flout the law and try to exploit loopholes to save themselves the inconvenience of a ban once they are caught.

Speed limits are there for a purpose – however frustrating they can sometimes be to an individual driver. They attempt to set a common standard and protect all road users from the excesses of the minority.

But, most importantly, they are there to try to protect us all from suffering the “exceptional hardship” of being involved in a road traffic incident, whether we are cyclists, drivers, horse riders or pedestrians.


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