The New Realities Of Speeding!

Most of us are guilty of speeding at one time or another. The authorities have traditionally allowed a tolerance of 10 percent of the posted limit plus 2mph before issuing a penalty. This meant if you were travelling at 57mph in a 50mph zone you were likely to get away with it – maybe!

However, this was based on giving the benefit of doubt to a driver and the questionable accuracy of the existing equipment.

From April 24th 2017 this could all be about to change.

With reliable technology now installed in most vehicles and the desire of government to make our roads even safer, the discretionary ‘leeway’ is likely to be withdrawn.

In addition, magistrates are to be issued with new guidelines for speeding offences. These will place speeding misdemeanors in one of three bands:

Band A – for the least serious speeding offence

Band B – for speeding offences regarded as more serious than Band A

Band C – for speeding offences regarded as being very serious.

The guidelines and penalties issued by the Sentencing Council for England and Wales are set out in the document below:

The full document can be read here

As you can see, the new penalties are now based on a percentage of weekly income of the offender as follows:

Band A – starting at 50 percent of weekly income

Band B – starting at 100 percent of weekly income

Band C – starting at 150 percent of weekly income

Magistrates still have the power to show leniency if mitigating circumstances can be demonstrated.

Additionally, they are still at liberty to add points to a licence or disqualify a driver either temporarily or permanently.

It appears the increased cost of breaking the posted speed limit is about to outweigh the gamble of getting caught!

(Picture courtesy Ian Jones)


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